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Produciendo y Mixeando Weather Systems

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Produciendo y Mixeando Weather Systems

El Productor del nuevo disco de Anathema, Chister André, cuenta en su web cómo va el proyecto, donde nos podemos enterar que en este disco, Lee Douglas tiene un rol más abarcativo, las canciones son mucho más sentidas, atmosféricas, envolventes, enérgicas, progresivas… Todo lo podremos saber en Abril, cuando el disco salga por fin a la venta.

“Christer has a very even temperament. He never gets stressed out, he never gets angry. He works hard, long hours; sometimes we were doing something like 16 or 20 hours per day in the studio. We were working hard. And he never stops, so while he was there, I felt I had to work hard too. It was good, we got the best results we’ve ever had.  This is our guy. He’s our George Martin, our Nigel Godrich. The Beatles had George Martin, Radiohead had Nigel Godrich, and we’ve got Christer Cederberg. That’s the way it’s gonna stay, as far as I’m concerned.”

-Vincent Cavanagh

Les dejamos el enlace de la web del Productor:

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